P4 Anthony Vanek


F5, ISO:100, 1/1000, 16mm. (Color Run)  Eugene, OR

Had a lot of fun taking these photos, my camera got coated, but it was worth it. fast shutter and medium f-stop were key.


F7.1, IS0:160, 1/200, 35mmP (Costal Flower) Florence, OR

Found this beautiful coastal flower while hiking. I used a lens extension ring to reduce my minimum focus distance.


F1.8, ISO:1600, 1/250, 35mmP (Dessert) Eugene, OR

Made a couple dozen strawberry shortcakes. ended up using an extension tube to get really close with my fixed lens but it really shows the detail.


F3.5, ISO:1000, 1/60, 16mm (Salmon Teriyaki) Eugene, OR

Made Salmon Teriyaki with grilled asparagus. I was wanting to try shooting a table scene instead of just the food by itself.

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